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Where collaborative analysis meets scalability & security

Deepnote is a proven and reliable data platform trusted by leading enterprise companies aiming to boost team productivity and collaboration.

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Deepnote works great alongside your BI tools, allowing you to standardize enterprise data workflows.

faster time to insight and value

Create tighter feedback loops and get answers in minutes instead of weeks. Collaborate directly on data or models.

improvement in data team productivity

Speed up analysis with effortless integrations, automated workflows, and point-and-click data visualizations.

less time spent on environment management

Optimize for efficiency with a secure, maintenance-free cloud environment that eliminates infrastructure burdens.

Deepnote was recognized by Gartner as an industry leader in the 2022 Market Guide for Augmented Analytics


"I knew I’d made the right decision when I started getting feedback from data scientists about how delightful their user experience was."

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“Since metrics require a lot of input … to define and align on definitions, we needed a collaborative layer where we could get immediate feedback.”




Swire Coca-Cola


"We moved over to Deepnote ... we’re no longer copying and pasting screenshots from external sources."


Hedge fund

“Ultimately, it has made a huge difference for collaboration in our team — it's night and day. There's before Deepnote and after Deepnote time.”






“Our team can conduct analyses in the language most comfortable for them, which makes it accessible to and powerful for everyone.”


“Working in Deepnote is like code review and rapid prototyping at the same time, saving valuable time in the iteration cycles.”





You're safe with us

Rest easy with industry-leading compliance and custom-built deployments. Deepnote gives you the security, performance, and availability you need.

Highest security & privacy standards

Deepnote is compliant with HIPAA and SOC 2 Type II, with more certifications on the way.

Single-tenant & other deployments

Get a secure, private, compliant, and fully managed Deepnote instance or book a demo to learn about all deployment options.

Get a deeper look into Deepnote’s security

Discover how we mitigate risks and protect your data using industry best practices and continuous improvements.

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Work with a partner you can trust

Onboarding & enablement

Onboard and reach instant outcomes with a dedicated success manager.

Premium support

Get help whenever you need it from our world-class support team.

Custom plans & billing

We’re here to deliver on all your billing, compute, and feature needs.

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Dave is available

Get expert technical help and priority support

Flexibility at scale

Rely on a solution that's built for your way of working — designed with speed, security, and ease of use in mind.

Open architecture that connects with your stack

Deepnote quickly and securely connects to the most popular warehouses, databases, and lakehouses. See all integrations →

Look back in time

Track all access and changes with audit logs and notebook history.

Encrypted data & credentials

Share data sources and insights without exposing credentials or sensitive information.

No more access headaches

Enjoy single sign-on via SAML or OIDC connections and sync your directory.

Right people, right permissions

Control who can view, comment, code, and access data with role-based permissions.
Role-based access controls

AWS PrivateLink to connect to your cloud

Establish secure connection between Deepnote and AWS without exposing data to the internet.

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Talk to our team to see how Deepnote is built for your enterprise needs.

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